Bedroom skies.com proudly presents this glow in the dark ceiling wallpaper mural showing the entire night sky.
Teaches children how to find their way round the night sky.
Wholly made in the UK. 
Hand finished by screen print.
Over 830 stars!
Don't put another glow in the dark sticker on your ceiling again - do the whole lot in one.
The main stars of each constellation accurately portrayed within each silhouette.
Day: white silhouettes on a sky blue background.
Night: the silhouettes fade to be replaced by the dazzling night firmament.
Comes with a guide to the mural giving the names and meanings of the constellations.
Easily applied in 4 sheets.
6'5" x 3'8" (1.975m x 1.12m) to fit in any bedroom and over any bed.
Postage 3.67

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Price  34.99